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EZ Battery Reconditioning Reviews – How To Recondition Old Batteries

Battery Reconditioning Method

EZ battery reconditioning method pdf review


100% proven success

The EZ battery reconditioning guide is a comprehensive guide that teaches you how to repair and fix old batteries so that you can re-use them or resell them on popular marketplaces like eBay for profit. This program This program teaches how to recondition old batteries in the easiest way back to a hundred percent thereby, allowing you save money from buying new batteries continuously

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Stop purchasing new batteries yearly when you can easily recondition them. The EZ battery reconditioning method pdf was a game changer for me.

If you have a solar panel or a UPS in your home, you must be spending a huge amount of money purchasing new batteries yearly when you can easily restore a battery.
The EZ battery reconditioning program teaches you special battery restoration techniques.
The overview of what you will learn in the EZ battery reconditioning program are:
How to recondition lead acid batteries
nicad battery reconditioning
battery reconditioning chemicals
forklift battery reconditioning and so much more.
The list is endless!

Year in, year out, new electronic devices are being launched by companies while the old ones are being sophisticated with more technological features. The demands for batteries is becoming quite much and the market is becoming profitable for these big companies because when you lose, they gain.
Most companies create sub-standard batteries because they want you to continue spending money on continuous battery purchase. Most batteries are not able to keep their charge and keep getting dead after a short period of usage.

You may ask yourself; what is the solution out of this issue?

You see, purchasing new batteries every month can be a burden on your budget and can burn your pocket faster than you can ever imagine.
If you had proper knowledge of battery reconditioning or on how to repair a battery, you could save yourself hundreds of dollars. The best part of it is that you can offer a battery repair service to people and this could be another source of a passive income stream

Tom Ericson and Frank Thomson introduced a comprehensive guide on battery restoration and battery repairs. It was named the EZ battery reconditioning program.

The creators of this program showed a step by step guide for repairing and fixing dead batteries. It is a DIY battery restoration guide that requires no technical knowledge. Even my 10year old son began reconditioning batteries when i showed him the whole process.
You may still be scared if this program will deliver on its promise or if it’s just another scam on the internet.

There are a thousand and one reviews about the EZ battery reconditioning program but in this review, we are going to find out if this battery reconditioning guide is as good as they say or if its just BS


At the end of this review, I hope your doubts will be cleared.

Let’s start the review…

Feb 2017 Update:

It seems like the EZ battery reconditioning method pdf is selling out very quickly. It may be because copywriters have done a great job to convince anyone to at least give it a try.

And Why Not? The creators of this program are selling it at very affordable cost for just $47 and along with they are offering 60-days money back guarantee.

This program is backed up by ClickBank’s iron-clad money back guarantee so it’s a pretty solid one. You must be a strong-minded person if you haven’t tried this program yet.

What Is EZ Battery Reconditioning?

EZ Battery Reconditioning method PDF
EZ Battery Reconditioning method PDF

This is step-by-step battery reconditioning program created by Tom Ericson and Frank Thomson for all those people who don’t have any specialized skills and want to recondition their dead batteries to bring them back to life again.

Tom and Frank have done great work by dividing EZ Battery Reconditioning book into 21 different chapters so that individual can pick their favorite topic and follow it. Additionally, by reconditioning your old batteries you are able to save a good amount of money.

Additionally, with the help of Frank’s bonus guide (EZ battery reconditioning method pdf ), you will learn how to recondition your battery and sell them to business and individual at discounted rates to make a profit from them.

The demand for reconditioned batteries is increasing quite rapidly since new batteries are getting expensive. You can easily able to recondition your lead acid batteries (car batteries), Li-ion (Laptop batteries), Ni-MH batteries (hydride batteries) and Ni-cad batteries (rechargeable batteries) with the reconditioning steps you will find inside this program.

The good thing is even beginners can take great benefits from this program because Tom and Frank provided free access to Information Vault that contains an easy definition of hard terms so it will get easy for everyone to understand and become expert in this field.

Look at the video below to find the list of complete features you will find in this program (Video opens in new windows).


Highlighted Features:

  • 21 Chapters contain guidelines for reconditioning almost every type of battery and bringing them back to life again
  • With the help of pictures and diagrams, even beginner with no practical experience can get benefit from this program
  • Learn easy steps on how to convert any electronic device into portable device by using batteries and use them anywhere and anytime even when there is no electricity supply
  • A comprehensive tutorial on how to use millimeter to find which dead battery can bring back to life even before using any steps for reconditioning
  • Discover the simple method that will show you how to measure the power that can be stored in any battery
  • G access to lifetime updates free so whenever new type of cells comes on the market you will get complete guide on how to recondition it without paying any extra money
  • You will discover how to set up your own business for reconditioning and make profit

Free Bonuses:

You will get three bonuses when you purchase Tom’s EZ Battery Reconditioning course. Remember these are time limited-time bonuses and creators can take them down at any time. These three bonuses are:

Bonus #1 – Frank’s Battery Business Guide:

If you are interested in selling reconditioning battery for good profit then the EZ Battery Reconditioning method PDF is a perfect guide for you. In this guide, you will find series of steps that teach you how to set up your own business and sell reconditioned batteries to individuals and companies.

Frank has 8 years of experience and he is making 6 figure income just by selling recondition batteries to a different business. Additionally, this guide teaches you how to recondition old forklift batteries and sell them in 1000’s. Just look at the prices for reconditioned batteries.

Bonus #2 – Double Your Battery Life:

This mini-series can teach you some simple steps that can easily double the life of your battery. It doesn’t matter if you want to increase the life of Smartphone battery, Laptop battery or Automobile battery you can just follow simple steps and increase their battery life.

Once they lose their charge or become dead then you can use EZ Battery Reconditioning book to bring them back. Following these steps will take only your few minutes but they surely can save your good amount of money.

Bonus #3 – Free Lifetime Updates:

The world is changing very quickly and new types of batteries coming into the market. For this reason, Tom and Frank are offering free lifetime updates. Whenever any new type of battery comes in the market they test and learn how to recondition it. Then they create guide explaining each and every step and make it available for their members.

EZ Battery Reconditioning method PDF
EZ Battery Reconditioning method PDF

Get EZ Battery Reconditioning For Just $27:

You may not aware of it but there is a secret way to get this battery reconditioning guide for just $27. There are a couple of steps you need to do to get to this secret page. Here are steps:

  • Step 1: Visit Official Website through here and try to close the website.
  • Step 2: When trying to close the website you will get an option to stay. Click Stay At the Site
  • Step 3: Then you will be redirected to another page where you have to again try to close the page
  • Step 4: Once you click ‘Stay Here’ you will be redirected to secret discount page where you have to enter your email and you can download complete program for just $27

I hope you will love this discount and share it with your friends as well…

[UPDATE]: Recently I discovered this method has been patch now and there is no way to get this system at $27 now. You are late and now you have to pay full $47 to access this program which includes bonuses and 60-days money back guarantee.

4 Steps to Make Profit From Reconditioning Old Batteries

EZ Battery Reconditioning is the step-by-step battery reconditioning program that teaches you how to recondition old batteries and make a profit from them. By following just 4 steps you will able to examine any dead battery, restores its life and make a profit by selling it to individuals and organizations.

Step 1 – Collecting Tool For Recondition Old Battery

Without right tools, you are not able to recondition dead batteries this is why in the first step you are able to learn which tools you need to recondition old batteries. Tom Ericson has provided a list of different tools that you need to recondition old battery. These tools will help you in examining old batteries and reconditioning them.

Step 2 – Examining Old Batteries

It is impossible to recondition each and every old battery. Some dead batteries can’t be reconditioned doesn’t matter how hard you try. This is reason Tom Ericson will tell you simple steps that you can use to find if you are able to recondition the battery or not.

Step 3 – Recondition Old Batteries:

This step is important because you will get two different methods to recondition old batteries. It is important to use recondition method for your battery type. In this step, you will get step-by-step instruction along with diagram that will make easy for you to recondition old batteries

Step 4 – Sell It To Make Profit:

By reconditioning old batteries, you can save a lot of money annually. Additionally, you don’t have to purchase new battery every time. Tom Ericson has also provided free “Battery Business Guide” that will show you how to setup your battery recondition business.

EZ Battery Reconditioning method PDF
EZ Battery Reconditioning method PDF


There are many benefits of using EZ Battery Reconditioning system. Some of them are:


By reconditioning old batteries you will not only save a good amount of money but also save Earth from pollution to a greater extent. Every year there are thousands of old and dead batteries that thrown away. Since these batteries can’t be decomposed, they put a great burden on the environment. Thankfully, by using reconditioning methods you can use old batteries again and save the environment as well.

Don’t Require Experience:

Tom and Frank explained each and every step with detailed pictures and diagram so it makes easy even for beginners to recondition old batteries. Many individuals don’t have any specialized experience before joining EZ Battery Reconditioning program and now they are selling reconditioned batteries to companies and making good money.

Available Digitally:

The process to download EZ Battery Reconditioning book is quite simple. Just after payment, you will get instant access to members area where you able to read it online or download it on your company or Smartphone. This way you can easily follow this program anywhere.

Save Money:

All you have to do is to pay just $47 for one-time access and then you can recondition any amount of old batteries and save your money. Additionally, by selling reconditioned batteries you will not only recover your investment of $47 but also make a good profit.


Before reconditioning old batteries there are two very important things that you should know:

#1 – Safety Should Be Your First Priority:

It is very important to know that old, damaged or death batteries are dangerous that is why safety should be your first priority. It is highly recommended to don’t recondition any battery without wearing long-sleeved protected clothes. Most batteries contain sulfuric acid that can eat through skin. Always recondition batteries outside or in a well-ventilated area.

#2 – Require Time & Efforts:

In the EZ battery reconditioning method pdf, Tom and Frank provided every step to recondition any battery but these steps need time, efforts and dedication, especially if you want to make money by selling reconditioned batteries. You need to spend time in reconditioning batteries, examining them for any defect and finding potential buyers of reconditioned batteries. Potential buyers can be found on eBay. Tom mentioned it takes ’10 minutes’ to reconditioned batteries but those who are new can take 20-30 minutes.

What Are Customers Saying About EZ Battery Reconditioning?


I followed all steps in the EZ battery reconditioning method pdf to recover my laptop which was dead a long time ago, and surprisingly it transformed my laptop and cell phone batteries into new ones with longer lifespan about 70 to 80 percent compare to old ones. It saved me a significant amount of money buying new batteries.
In my opinion,at 47 dollars, it is worthwhile to learn how to recover your old batteries.

Mr Peter— Mr. Peter


EZ Battery Reconditioning program has saved me big money no joke,and I’m making money with it. This program teaches how to recondition old batteries in the easiest way back to a hundred percent!
Easy Battery Business teach me to make money off old batteries, and I’m using this program to recondition batteries. Last year, I started my own little business by selling them on eBay.

adam photo— Mr. Adam


EZ Battery Reconditioning teaches how to recondition all other kinds of batteries like a car, laptop, and phone batteries. In the EZ battery reconditioning method pdf you can make money by selling old batteries as well.

Peter Hoon

— Peter Hoon


Conclusion – Is it Really Worth The Money?

EZ Battery Reconditioning program by Tom Ericson and Frank Thompson is selling like hot cakes. Over 19k individuals invested in this battery reconditioning program because it is available at a very affordable price.
It is also protected with 60-days money guarantee.

If your requirement for batteries is increasing then I definitely recommend you to invest in EZ Battery Reconditioning system. You will only have to spare few extra hours to recondition old batteries. The steps in reconditioning or fixing an old battery are so simple and have no technical knowledge restrictions.

EZ battery reconditioning method pdf 
EZ battery reconditioning method pdf

EZ battery

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