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Get Paid To Read Emails With These 10 Hidden Websites.

Get Paid To Read Emails with this 10 Hidden Websites.

Making money online is becoming easier than it used to be. Sometimes, what you see online may look like a total scam and sometimes they look completely legitimate without raising an ounce of suspicion in you.

I am sure when you read the title of this post, it seemed rather far-fetched for you to believe that you can actually get paid to read emails. But I am here to prove to you that you can actually make money online by just reading emails. Such jobs do exist and some people make a living of it.

Getting paid to read emails is in no way a get rich scheme as you may think. It takes a while to get something profitable from it. This implies that you will not be making hundreds and thousands of dollars from reading emails. Instead, you get paid between 5 cents to over $20-$50.

Yes, the money is not so much to be excited about but come to think about the fact that you are only doing this at your leisure hours and it’s in no way affecting your normal life. You can use the little money earned from sites like this to pay off some of your bills or get something you want.

Getting paid to read emails is so much fun that I suggest you try it. It takes me between 30seconds-1minute to read these emails and get paid and I don’t see any way you’ll be losing from online jobs like this.

You must be curious by now and be asking yourself;

Is This Another Scam?

keep reading and I will give an answer to this question.

Why Would Anyone Pay Me To Do Such An Easy Task?

These job offers come from ”Get Paid To” sites. ”Get Paid to” Sites are advert publishers who want to create awareness about a company’s products and services and therefore make users interact with these products and services through small and micro-tasks such as signing up for their newsletter, watching videos, playing games,  shopping e.t.c

These brands pay you when you perform any of the actions assigned to you. For every new visitor these Get Paid To sites sends to their links, they receive a certain amount of commission which they pay to people who perform the tasks.

In a nutshell, the advertisers pay the publishers and the publishers pay you.

Getting paid to read emails works exactly as I explained above. All you need to do is to read emails.

You can increase your earnings if you decide to click the links contained in those emails, download apps suggested in the emails or even make a purchase through the links contained in the e-mail.

Let me repeat that if you are interested in buying a product or a service from such e-mails and you want to earn commissions from them, you must click on the links sent to you in case cookies were not set.

What I love Most About Paid To Read Sites:

  • They offer a Multi-level marketing system

Paid to read sites offer MLM(Multi-level Marketing) programs where you refer people to earn double commission and you also get paid by those referred by your referrals.

The best part about this is that after you’ve referred over 20-30 people, you do not need to put in so many efforts again since your referrers will continue doing the job of referring more people to the system which will also pay you commissions.

At the end of the day, you will discover that you begin making money on complete auto-pilot and you have built a sustainable passive income for yourself.

From all I have written, I don’t need to tell you again that Get Paid To(GPT) sites are NOT scams. They are legit ways of making money. But I must tell you that some sites pretend to act as GPT sites while they are not.

One rule you should know is that Get Paid To sites will never pay you to read your personal emails.

Websites who pretend as Get Paid To sites may ask for your e-mail address and password. Never you release that information to them. If you do, you will be locked out of your e-mail and your email will be used for sending spam messages.

You should also watch out for GPT sites will make you read emails and carry out tasks without paying you a single penny. These sites want people to interact with their advertisers by reading emails, carrying out tasks free and still get paid from those advertisers.

I will save you a lot of trouble by showing you trusted GPT websites that are recognized and that will never scam you.

If you intend joining a GPT website different from the ones in my list, Please do some research online and check for reviews about such site

See an example of my instabuilder review here

I will save you all the stress and hassle of looking for trusted Paid To Read with my list of top 20 trusted Paid To Read sites.

My Top 10 Trusted Paid To Read Websites.

So let us get to the real meat of this post. Below are the top 10 Paid To Read websites that have passed my test of credibility, commission level, referral levels and social reputation.

I don’t think you still need to look elsewhere for other Paid To Read websites as I am giving you the best you can get.

If you feel I omitted an important Paid To Read site, feel free to let me know via the comment section.


Get Paid to read emails on these 10 hidden websites

Inbox Dollars is one of the biggest websites out there that pays you to read emails.

I use Inbox dollars in making extra money online. Apart from paying you to read emails, Inbox Dollars also pays you complete survey offers, cash out rewards, play games, search the internet and so many stuff.

Inbox Dollars doesn’t pay you for reading emails alone but you have to click the link that’s in the email.

After clicking on the link, you will be taken to a page where you have to confirm that you actually read the email. It doesn’t matter if you read the email or not. All you need to do is to click on the link and confirm that you read the email.

Do not worry or fear about clicking those links. The links will either take you to an advertiser’s website or to Inbox dollars’ website.

One interesting part about Inbox Dollars is that you get paid a  $5 commission whenever you refer someone through your link.

You also get a free $5 sign up bonus when you register on Inbox Dollars.

Inbox Dollars pays you by check. Be reminded that you need a minimum of $30 in your account before you can cash out your earnings.

Join InboxDollars Here


Swagbucks is another popular Paid To Read website. You can get paid for reading e-mails on Swagbucks. These e-mails are either sent to your inbox on Swagbucks’ or they are sent to your personal e-mail address.

When you receive ”Paid To Read” emails from Swagbucks, it will be written how much you will earn for reading that particular e-mail.

You can also double your earnings on Swagbucks by completing survey offers, watching videos, downloading games, shopping e.t.c.

You can earn up to $35 on Swagbucks for reading e-mails. The best part about Swagbucks is that you can cash out on a minimum balance of $3. You also earn lots of points by simply filling out your profile details and referring new friends through your referral link e.t.c

Swagbucks supports so many countries such as USA, Canada, France Australia, Germany, India, Ireland, United Kingdom and so much more.

Join Swagbucks Here



Get Paid to read emails on these 10 hidden websites

This is one of the most popular Paid To Read sites. Probably because they support all countries worldwide but they still tend to give higher payout rate to people living in the US.

As usual, cash crate pays you for reading emails. To get the most out of Cash Crates, you have to click the links contained in the email which will redirect you to the advertiser’s website.

The best part about cash crate is their cash back offers. If there is one thing I love so much about survey sites, It’s probably their cash back offers. Cashback offer simply means that you get paid back a certain percentage of your money when you make purchases or transactions from their partners.

You need to have a minimum of $10 in your account before you cash out and payment is made monthly by check.

I also forgot to mention that Cash crate pays a $1 sign up bonus.

Join CashCrate Here


Get Paid to read emails on these 10 hidden websites

Send Earning and Inbox Dollars is owned and managed by the same company, therefore, there is not so much difference between these two. This doesn’t mean that they have the same offers. The cash offers on Inbox Dollars is quite different from those on Send Earnings.

You will receive a $5 sign up bonus when you register on Send Earnings plus a 10% referral commission that you get for anyone you invite through your link.

Send Earning makes payments by check and you need a minimum of $30 in your account before you can cash out.

Join Send Earnings Here


Get Paid to read emails on these 10 hidden websites

This Paid To Read site is also managed by the same company that owns Inbox Dollars and Send Earnings.

Inbox Pays is exclusively for the US so non-US readers may not be able to benefit from this site.

Inbox pays has a minimum payout of $50 and payment is through PayPal. Be reminded that between your $50 threshold, $25 may come from reading emails while the other $25 should come from completing offers, shopping, playing games, watching videos e.t.c

Inbox Dollars, Send Earning and Inbox Pays are owned and managed by the same company. Inbox Dollars and Send Earning pay a $5 sign up bonus so I am sure you already know that the same $5 bonus applies to Inbox Pays. You also get a 10% referral commission when you refer someone through your link.

Join InboxPays Here


Get Paid to read emails on these 10 hidden websites

This is one of the oldest Paid To Read sites. They have a lot of social backing, reputation and are well trusted in their business. Clixsense has been online since 2007 and over $28,586,192 has been earned from this site since they started.

Clixsense pays you to read emails. You can also take part in other offers to double up your earnings. The best part about Clixsense is the Clix grid game. If you play this game well, you can win as much as $10. I must also warn you that Clix grid is addictive so you have to be careful how you play 🙂

Clix sense offers one of the best and robust referral commission of over 20% per sign up with a low $6 cash out rate.

Payment method is through Payoneer, Payza, Skrill and check.

Join Clixsense Here



I intentionally added this to my list so as to compensate those who want something fast and open to everyone. Uniqpaid is your answer. Uniqpaid is another paid to read website that allows an instant cash out on your earnings through Bitcoin and check. Even if you have 1Cent in your account, you can cash it out immediately.

Uniqpaid has no country restriction since anybody can sign up and start cashing out on their offers.

Uniqupaid also offers a 10% extra cash bonus on the offers you complete 2 days after you sign up.

Join UniqPaid Here


Get Paid to read emails on these 10 hidden websites

Yes, Fatcatrewards, as their name suggests, will give you a $10 sign up bonus. So far, this is the only Paid To Read site I have seen that offers a huge signup bonus just to read emails.

Apart from the $10 sign up bonus, you also get paid to read e-mails and can also earn more rewards by completing survey offers, watching games, playing videos e.t.c

This Paid To Read site is restricted to Australians. Therefore, people from other countries are not eligible to join their system.

Join Fatcatrewards Here


A paid To Read website that only supports people from the US and Canada. You earn money by reading and clicking e-mails and completing tasks like playing games, watching videos e.t.c

My point also has my favorite cash back offer where you can get paid for shopping.

You earn a 10% referral commission when you refer people through your link plus an unlimited referral limit. You need to have a minimum of $10 to be able to cash out on MyPoints and payments are made through gift cards which you can exchange for PayPal cash.

Join MyPoints Here


Get Paid to read emails on these 10 hidden websites

This Paid To Read site only supports people from the US and Canada. You get an amazing $5 bonus when you sign up on Fusion Cash. You get paid to read emails, make calls, play games, download games, watch videos, complete survey offers e.t.c

You should always try to maximise your earnings by completing other offers rather than just reading the e-mails.

Fusion Cash also has paid offers where you can earn bigger amount of money for making a purchase. This is similar to cash back offers as you know

Fusion Cash is one of the most popular GPT sites on the web.

Join FusionCash Here


As you can see, getting paid to read email is not a scam but instead a legit online business

Though some of the websites I listed above have country restriction’s, you should find one to fit into since not all of them have such restrictions. You may not be getting so much money from reading e-mails but you should remember that you are only doing this with your spare time and even for fun so you are losing nothing.

The best way to maximise your income is to sign up on multiple of those sites. I have seen people earn as much as $2000-$5000 on these websites and you can also earn as much as that or even more.




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