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This Is Why You Are Not Making Money Online

Making money online has become difficult than it used to be. It requires a lot of hard work and tons of experience before you can start earning a substantial amount of money online.

So many internet marketers have become frustrated and left the cyberspace because they made nothing after trying so hard. I don’t want you to be like those people who lost faith and had to quit. You must never quit because people are really killing it in their online businesses and I am one of those people.
I am not here to brag about anything but to help you become a success.

In today’s post, I am going to answer all questions that have been bothering you.
“why am I not making money online?”
“why am I getting ZERO sales from my website even when I have a lot of traffic?”

So many pro internet marketers said the reason people are not making money online is that they have taken no action. You may have taken action and spent a lot of money on tools, freelance services, and ads and you’ve still made nothing. This is very discouraging, frustrating, confusing and heartbreaking but it’s still not enough reasons for you to give up.

The reason why most people fail is that they do not have the basic concept of how making money online works.

You Haven’t Build A Relationship With Your Readership.

Most marketers get it wrong by not building a personal relationship with their list. You cannot recommend a product to someone and expect that person to take action into buying your product when they have no relationship with you.

You should stop placing too many banner ads on your website and focus on providing value to your readership. Too many banners make your blog distractive and this doesn’t make people focus on your blog content.

Even if your visitors click on your banners, your ads won’t convert because you are trying to sell to a cold traffic and this has almost a 0% conversion rate.

Some people wrongly think that building a niche blog with the regular post will make them money overnight but this won’t work. Only a good relationship with your visitors can make you that money you want

The Easiest Way To Build A Relationship With Your Blog Reader Is Through Email Marketing.

After reading spending 3 straight hours reading a book from Mark Ling (Millionaire affiliate marketer), I understood that the simple method he was using to double his income overnight was through email marketing.

Mark Ling advised to remove all banners and ads on blogs and replace them with opt-in forms.

He made it clear that the best way to build trust is through email marketing. When you send HQ emails with lots of information and value, your subscribers are happy and they trust you.

Now that you have read this little secret, I expect that you replace all banners and ads on your blog with newsletter opt-in forms. Offer people freebies such as video guides, e-Books, podcasts to encourage them to sign up.

Mark Ling offers you a 49-page eBook—“How to Make Super Affiliate Commissions”—to give as opt-in bait for Internet marketing websites in his Affilo Jetpack training

How to Write Emails that Build Trust

To build trust from your relationship, your readers need to feel like you care more about them and their success.

Minimize your hard sell emails because users do not like it as they feel being used. You should always try to provide value to them and not force them to buy every new “shiny” product.

Soft-sell emails are mainly high-quality emails, with a brief product recommendation add at the beginning and end.

In AffiloJetpack membership, Mark Ling’s year-long email autoresponder sequences have 3–5 soft-sell emails for each 1–3 hard-sell emails he sent.

If visitors receive quality emails before you try selling affiliate products to them, then they will be less doubtful, as you have built a relationship with them.
To them, you would have proved that you know better about the niche.

In Summary

You are not making money online because you have refused to build a relationship with your list. You are not making sales from that product you recommend to them because they have no relationship with you and they cannot buy from a stranger.

There is a great need to provide quality content and provide value upon value. Typically, you should always over deliver value.

You should always provide high-quality information that can help them to grow their business. If they are happy,  they will buy the product that you recommend to them.

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